Playtech Slots: Batman & The Riddler Riches

Batman and The Riddler Riches Casino Slot by Playtech
Batman and The Riddler Riches is an exciting Playtech slot dedicated to the famous superhero and his heroic fights with villains. Despite being the modern release, the game looks a little bit old-fashioned due to the bright colours and simple cartoon-like symbols. However, the theme-related icons create the appropriate atmosphere and evoke the desire for adventures and huge wins.

Even if you test a similar game for the first time, you will not face any obstacles while spinning the reels of Batman & The Riddler Riches slot. The intuitive command bar contains all the necessary options, including wager, auto spin, and turbo mode icons. There is one nuance, though. You will find no players on 5 reels of this slot. The creators offer everyone to win prizes in 243 ways instead. Thus, 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols combos can add coins to your bankroll in the multitude of ways. By the way, when symbols land in a winning combo, they disappear thus allowing new icons take their positions and further boost your winning chances.

Become One of the Team

Upon opening a paytable, you will meet the company of theme-related symbols. The Statue, the Golden Belt, the Riddlers Hat together with the Policeman, can bring up to 50 coins. Our character symbols (Batman, Robin, and The Riddler) pay nice and can let you grab up to 500 coins for their winning combos.

The symbol you should look for is the Bat Logo Wild icon with the powerful substituting functions. The Bonus symbol is the feature-triggering Scatter icon. When you land 3 Scatters on the first 3 reels, you will open the Bonus Wheel Game. Sticky Wilds, Free Spins, Pick-and-Win Game, and money prizes are what you can win there. Your little assistants are the Mystery symbols. They appear in green boxes and reveal symbols to increase your winning chances.

Batman & The Riddler Riches is the fascinating game with the fast gameplay and cool prizes. The aforementioned features and the chance to win one 0f 4 progressive jackpots make it even more attractive.

To conclude, the event of the crucial importance happened this November 2017. Now, slots fans can play DC slots at Sports Interaction casino. These super popular Playtech games have won hearts of millions of players. Finally, we invite dear Canadian players to test Batman from the 1960s, The Green Lantern, and other branded DC slot releases at and have hour of pure fun and entertainment. This is one of the most trusted and reputable Canadian gambling portals and we are looking forward to testing all the available and newly announced DC-based Playtech releases at Sports Interaction.


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Top 10 Online Casino Jackpot Winners of All Time

Playing online casino games for fun is pretty cool. You can make the bets without being afraid of losing any money, you can level up your skills or make your own gaming strategy but the fact is, playing free video slots will never bring you the jackpot. So make a break in spinning the reels for free and read 10 stories about the largest online casino winners in history. The stories are inspirational and just fun to read. Who knows, maybe you can be the next one to read about in this article?

10. We can bet you made a wish under the Christmas tree to win the jackpot. This guys wish came true when he won 4,159,181 in Arabian Nights slot by NetEnt on the 19th of December, 2013. A winner is a 26-year-old man from Stockholm that said that he had never thought it could be him to win. He was going to spend the money on the new apartment and vacation. We think he can buy at least a couple of houses and never work again.

Arabian Nights Slot by NetEnt

9. There are lucky devils who won more than one big prize. The man with the Gamago nickname won $50000, then $100000 and, finally, the $4,978,336.62 jackpot after he bet $45 in the GoldMega jackpot game. It happened on the 2nd of December, 2009 and by that time it was one of the worlds largest progressive jackpot wins.

8. Our hands down favorite success stories are about the people who made the smallest bet in video slots and then won a jackpot. Finnish guy Klaus M. made a 50c bet while playing the Mega Moolah progressive casino slot in one of the Microgaming casinos. April 2008 was definitely his month as he won $5,556,753.68.

Mega Moolah slot by Microgaming

7. It seems that NetEnt casino games are very lucrative. In October 2013, the fisherman from Aberdeenshire placed a 20p bet on the Hall of Gods slot and in just several seconds became a multimillionaire. His winning amounted to 6.4 million. Unfortunately, we cant congratulate him personally as he decided to keep his name as a secret. The only thing we know is that he didnt quit his fisherman job and gave a part of the money to charity.

6. $5.8 million jackpot was brought to the Jobcentre worker John Orchard by the Dark Knight slot in December 2012. Unlike the previous winner, John immediately quit his job to enjoy his new life of a millionaire.

Dark Knight Rises Slot by Microgaming

5. Some slots dont pay out jackpots for months but some of them are so generous that they do it twice a week. Just like the 3-reel Gold Rally slot by Playtech. In December 2013, two lucky winners got their jackpots during a week – the first one won $6,347,118 while the second one got $277228 (not so impressive but still not bad, though).

4. Another generous slot is the Mega Moolah by Microgaming slots software developer. In 2009, Geordios M, a businessman from Greece, won almost $9 million jackpot that was at that time the largest Microgaming payout ever. Geordios was a big fan of slots and finally his passion paid off.

3. And here comes the third largest casino winner and finally its a woman. In 2012, a lucky lady from Sweden won $7.6 million. She was playing the Hall of Gods at Unibet casino and didnt really believe her eyes when her wins were announced. When asked about future plans, she said she was going to take her whole family on vacation, buy a new car and a new house.

Hall of Gods Slot by NetEnt

2. There is the jackpot that was awarded a Guinness World Record. On September 2011, a man from Norway won $11,736,375 in the Betsson casino. It was a huge surprise both for him and for the casino owner as it was the largest jackpot won in online video slots ever. So if you are going to play in this casino – try the Mega Fortune slot. It worked once, maybe it will work once again?

Mega Fortune Slot by NetEnt

1. Now its time for the largest online casino jackpot of all times. On January 2013, a man from Finland bet 25c and won more than $24 million. And it was the Mega Fortune slot by NetEnt, once again. That moment changes the life of the man forever. So if you still play video slots for free, its time to make the next step towards your dream and try making even the smallest bet as it can bring impressive results.


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Tips On Choosing The Right Casino Bonus

Casino Bonuses Explained

The main goal for most players is to hit it big at casinos, but if we want to make money we need to get familiar with casino bonuses.

If you ever browse through online casino forums, you will find two reasons why people talk about online casino bonus. The first reason is that it can potentially bring a lot of money, but the other is far more concerning – bonuses can seriously mess up your gambling career.

Accepting a bonus is much more than what it seems, as everything in the gambling industry is. That is exactly why you need to take into consideration several factors before accepting an online casino bonus. At least three parameters should be taken into consideration before accepting any particular bonus:

  • What does the bonus offer and how necessary it actually is – do not accept a bonus for the sheer fun of it. You just might end up playing games you do not like or not be able to meet all the cash out requirements.
  • Terms and conditions. Every casino has terms and conditions and if you are serious about your gambling you should read everything thoroughly before starting or accepting anything. Some crazy wagering requirements you never read about might render you online cash unavailable.
  • Your personal goals. Most bonuses are really unnecessary if you do not plan to make gambling a living. If you enjoy playing casually from time to time, hoping to get a huge payout, then bonuses are not something you should bother yourself with. Do not burden your account with bonuses just to boost your bankroll. Just remember the two crucial factor you read about above.

You should also bear in mind that an ultimate guide to anything does not exist. Factors mentioned above may vary for different types of players. We all share the same goal – making money – but the path leading to it will be different and significantly affect your promotion/bonus choice.

Casino Bonuses: Most Common Types

As soon as you join any casino you will get to make your first choice – whether to accept a free spins bonus or a deposit bonus. A deposit bonus speaks for itself – a deposit gets you a percentage as the bonus gift from the online casino with no playing restrictions (in most cases). Lets take a Zodiac Casino as an example to explain how the deposit bonus works. Well, once a new player register an account in the Zodiac Casino 80 free spins bonus promotion are credited to the account after first $1 deposit. With Free Spins you get a chance to win some money without depositing and it is usually available on several popular slot games. BUT… Free Spins usually are spent in first few minutes and you are left with nothing. Deposit match bonus is what comes in hande. Returning to the case of Zodiac Casino, new players have several deposit match bonuses:

  • Second deposit – 100% Match Bonus (up to $100)
  • Third deposit – 50% Match Bonus (up to $80)
  • Fourth deposit – 50% Match Bonus (up to $150)
  • Fifth deposit – 50% Match Bonus (up to $150)

From gamblers perspective, the deposit match bonuses are far more profitable in terms of gameplay duration and win.

Free Spins are good for people who are new to online casinos, have no playing strategies or favorite game. Free Spins will give you the thrill of playing with real money and you can win some cash. In order to withdraw, you will have to make a deposit and meet certain wagering requirements. If you are serious about your gambling career, then deposit bonus is the choice you need to make. It will give you the time to learn playing strategies and help you clear your wagering requirements easier in the future.

Players will also meet with reload bonuses which are mostly divided into at least two groups. In one group you will find games like keno, slot machines, scratch cards and classic table and card games (as well as Video poker) in another. There will probably be another group with special games. Now, this sounds good for players who like to mix games, but it could pose an issue for players who only play one or two games.

It is also very important to know that the group with slots usually has a higher house edge, which means that you will lose more money and that will make it harder to meet the requirements. However, higher house edge brings larger bonuses and if you like to risk it then you should consider this choice. Or if you prefer small but steady wins with low-risk factor go with table and card games reload bonuses.

Also, there will be deposit and cash back bonuses. Deposit bonuses require meeting wagering requirements which require additional deposits. Cash back bonuses are smaller but usually have no (or very small) wagering requirements, they do not require additional deposits and the give you a percentage of the money you lost.

Whichever casino bonus you choose, make sure that it is good for you. Do not think of it just as a bankroll boost.


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Good Ways to Play Roulette In Casinos

Online Roulette Systems

There has been a substantial number of books written about roulette systems. Among the most popular systems is the Martingale system, in which you double your bet after each loss: and then there is the reverse Martingale system, in which you cut your bet in half after a win. With the cluster system, if you think number 11 will come up, you bet on the cluster numbers on the table layout next to 11 (7,9,13 and 15). Another system (similar to the cluster system) involves betting the neighbor numbers on the wheel itself. Again, if you were to wager on 11, you would also make additional bets on the 7 and 30 because they are neighbors on the wheel.

TOP 3 Roulette Casinos

If you are looking for a good online casino to try out some of this roulette systems look no further because here I am featuring top-notch gambling platforms:

  • LeoVegas casino is one of the favorite casino sites among UK players. It provides an outstanding portfolio of 550+ different casino games, nice Welcome Offer and a wide choice of banking options;
  • The well-known Casino Action brand belongs to a group of Microgaming casinos called Casino Rewards. The casino provides more than 550 state-of-the-art Vegas-styled casino games and up to $1250 Welcome Bonus;
  • Casumo is a relatively new brand being established in 2012. Licensed by MGA Casumo casino and available in multiple languages: EN, SE, NO, FI, DE. Every week lucky Casumo players receive Free Spins bonuses upon 10 deposit. 30 Free Spins for 30 deposit, and 50/100 Free Spins for 50/60 correspondingly.

Labouchere Roulette System

The Labouchere roulette system, also called “Split Martingale” or “Cross-Out” or “Cancellation” or several other names.

In its simplest form, you write down some numbers… lets say 1 2 3. Each bet is the first and last of these numbers. In this example, it is 1 and 3, which equals 4. If you win you cross the two number off and bet the next two that are on the outside. In this instance there would be only the single two unit bet. If that wins you complete the series and win a total of all of the numbers (six here). If the bet loses, then you add that one number to the end of the series. So, the first bet would be 4 and it loses, so you add 4. That makes the next bet 1 plus 4, which is 5. And so on…

This means that you need to win only 1/3 of the bets PLUS two more and you will complete the series and win the amount that is in the series. Since you normally will win ALMOST half of your bets, that means that you MUST win… or must you??

This has also been done with many variations. One would be to use different numbers, such as lots of ones in the beginning, to keep the series from growing so fast. So, the series would be something like 1 1 1 2 2 3. When you complete the series you will win 10 units. The first bet is still four. You must win 1/3 plus 3.

Other people have devised ways of splitting it up when the bet gets too high. Set it aside and win one series and then go back and finish the second series.

There is a “Reverse Labouchere roulette system” for the brave at heart. You add the amount of the win to the end, and cancel the 2 outside numbers each time that you lose. The bet is the sum of these two outside numbers. This gives you many very small losses in return for an occasional very large win.

Parlay Roulette System

A parlay is very simple. You just “let it ride.” Make a bet, and then leave the winnings there to ride on the next bet. This does not have to be the whole amount. There is a method around called “31” where you have a series which is 1 1 1 2 2 4 4 8 8 (for a total of 31 units). Your first bet is one unit. This could be any bet from a dollar to 1/16 of the table limit. It is 1/16 and not 1/8 because you must parlay the 8 units. If that bet wins, you bet the same amount again. If it loses you go up the series with a parlay on each bet. Notice that if you win any of the parlays you will be winning anyplace from one to nine units.

My Personal Advice

Our advice is not put too much stock in any particular roulette system. There is no mathematical certainty that one system or another will provide an extra chance of winning, and some systems can actually be downright costly to your bankroll. Roulette is a game of chance… Play it and have some fun… Good Luck!

Advantages of Using GiroPay in Online Casinos

Giropay Casino Deposits

It is hard to imagine the modern world without a possibility to get things and services through the Internet. People do shopping and receive services online every day. Various online-friendly banking systems allow them to pay for it as well as withdraw their money. Such systems are crucial for the online gambling industry and their effectiveness ensures the enjoyable and positive gambling experience. One of such direct online banking systems is GiroPay. It has the German origins and is the creation of German savings banks, Postbank, and a few credit unions. The renowned German quality has been used during the GiroPay creation and millions of users and more than one million monthly operations through the system prove its reliability and high standards.

An Acquaintance with GiroPay

GiroPay functions under the same principles as similar payments methods used on the Internet. The only nuance is the system is available only for players of online casinos in Germany and online casinos in Austria. People can create accounts in more than one thousand banks to benefit from GiroPay services in these countries. So, how do casino players and other customers use this method?

Even a newbie will be able to deposit and/or withdraw money via GiroPay without problems. First of all, you will have to create an account and register it in any GiroPay-friendly bank. This account will allow you to make multiple online payments/withdrawals not only in casinos. Thus, the login page will appear once you decide to make the money operation with GiroPay. You will see the details of the transaction on the screen and have to type the account number and the PIN-code. The next step is to confirm the operation with the TAN-code the bank will send you. That is all. Your payment will be sent to the receiver (in our case, to a casino) as if you have paid by card or in cash. Then the customer will be automatically forwarded to the casinos site (or any other resource).

Is GiroPay Protected Enough?

Everything sounds simple and easy. It is true, but the serious work aimed to protect each step of the money operation is done every time and for every client. The most important proofs of the GiroPay security are the presence of the account number each customer possesses as well as two codes (PIN and TAN) a person have to enter to make the operation possible. If this is not enough, the 128-bit SSL encryption system is applied to protect the data. What is more, the exchange of your personal information, as well as the aforementioned codes, occurs only between the client and the bank. The receiver (online casinos that accept GiroPay, in this case) are not privy to this kind of details.

Depositing and Withdrawals with GiroPay

Each GiroPay casinos user, the one frequenting in 888 Casino, Eurogrand Casino, Casino Luck, etc., will sooner or later have to deposit the money and then take the winnings. The process is simple and applied the same procedure we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs. You are on the appropriate of the chosen casino. You select GiroPay among available payment options and see the online bank login page on the screen. Your next step is to log in, fill in PIN and TAN-codes, and launch the payment. The deposited sum will immediately be sent to the casino. What concerns the money you have won and want to withdraw; everything works the same way, but you just get your winnings on your account.

Pros of Using GiroPay

Many will agree the well-known German quality and effectiveness are enough to give GiroPay the highest approval. There are, however, some other obvious advantages.

  • Number one is the protection of the clients info and the security of each operation.
  • The next plus is the common account a customer can use in online casinos, shops, etc.
  • Another great advantage is the exact timing of all procedures. Operations take place in real time, immediately. This means a person can start playing with the deposited money or use the withdrawn sum without delays after the operation.
  • One more point to note is the guaranteed GiroPay users anonymity and the protection of ones personal details even from the casino.

There is, however, one unpleasant thing in this financial land of milk and honey. This is the percentage you will have to pay for an operation. They vary from 0,9% to 1,2% depending on the bank.

We think this is the necessary contribution and it will not spoil the impression of using GiroPay in your online casino money transfers. Our rating is ten out of ten for this German payment system. We hope your online gambling will become even more enjoyable and profitable with GiroPay.

Mobile Gambling Boom Explained

Mobile Casinos Boom
Gambling is an activity that practically everybody loves. The adventure, the drama, and the adrenaline involved in games like poker or blackjack are enough to get anyone high. Winning makes people feel like champions and losing just makes them come back for more. Online casinos are a den of fun, risks, and adventure.

However, not everyone can afford to travel to casinos every time they feel the urge to gamble. Jobs, household duties, responsibilities, and commitments are there for everyone and cannot be ignored.

People cant just drop everything and fly to Vegas all the time. So, the internet gave every gambling enthusiast a chance to play their favorite casino game online. These games were simple and easy to play. The best thing about the online game is that you do not have to hamper your regular schedule to enjoy them. However, if you think playing casinos on your desktop is the most convenient facility available, then think it over. Nowadays, the casino in mobile is cited as the next big development in the gaming industry. This has grown as the most approved fad among gambling enthusiasts across the world.

Casino on the mobile phone, either Android or iPhone can be installed easily. Once you set the app on your phone, you can enjoy your favorite casino games without any hassles. It helps you to play the game with the same level of excitement and thrill. The easy accessibility of the games on your phone is another loved feature. If you install the game on your mobile, you have an opportunity to play the game as and when you like. Mobile gambling is a unique experience and stands out from the crowded confines of a regular casino.

In today fast paced and competitive world, people are engrossed in making money. They are constantly in search of new ideas that might double their revenue. In such a scenario, mobile casino can be an exceptional stress busting alternative. These games can ease your pressure and make your mind relax. In addition, they can help you win cash prizes and add to your profit. Once you install the game on your mobile phones, you no longer need to worry about taking time off from your chores to enjoy the experience of a casino. You can happily play the game in times of leisure, without any disturbance. Just take a look at this list of free and paid casino apps provided on Google Play market. The best features of this casino in mobile games are that they help you to save much time and money. Some of these games also come with tips and strategies to help the players learn the game.

Many people love to gamble and play a game of risk. Individuals can kill time with these games. Gaming enthusiasts can test the experience of these games and enjoy access to multiple casino games through their mobiles. Yet, in spite of these facilities, you need to find the exceptional casino in mobile games. With a large number of casino websites on the internet, you need to be careful when making a choice. Apt research is necessary to choose the right game for your requirement. A glance at the reviews posted on the web page will also give you an opportunity to take the right decision. The accessibility of the game and its software should be examined carefully before the download. These games have made it easy for individuals to enjoy leisure and make a profit simultaneously.

Canadian Gambling Laws

Gambling in Canada

Gambling in Canada has experienced a boom period in recent years. Some form of gambling is available in each of the ten provinces (British Columbia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick) and three territories (Yukon, Northwest Territory, and Nunavut). More information about Canadian online gambling laws and regulations you can find here.

Legal Age to Gamble in Canada

The legal age to gamble varies throughout the provinces. For example, the required age to gamble in a casino is 18 in Quebec, while it is 19 in Ontario. For lottery and scratch tickets, the standard legal age is 18. Regardless of the slight differences, the legal age to gamble in Canada is uniformly lower than in the United States.

Gaming in Canada operates entirely under the authority of the provincial and territorial governments. Charities, First Nations (Indian tribes) and private groups must all follow the guidelines set out by the government.

The following list should provide you with a basic idea of what types of gambling are available in the various provinces or territories in Canada:

  • Alberta: casinos, lottery, and horse track racing. Charitable groups are licensed by the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Alberta has more gambling per capita than any other location in the
  • British Columbia: casinos, lottery, horse tracks and horse track racing. Casinos are privately operated at the permission of the government, but the province receives 10% of the net gaming revenue from a community casino and one-sixth from a destination casino. They have also allowed bingo halls to begin adding slot machines.
  • Manitoba: casinos, lottery and horse track racing.
  • New Brunswick: horse racing and lottery.
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: horse racing and lottery.
  • Nova Scotia: casinos, lottery, and horse tracks.
  • Ontario: casinos, lottery, horse tracks and horse track racings.
  • Prince Edward Island: horse track racing and lottery.
  • Quebec: casinos, lottery, and horse track racings.
  • Saskatchewan: casinos, lottery, horse tracks and horse track racing.
  • Yukon Territory: casino (non-profit) and lottery.
  • Northwest Territories: lottery.
  • Nunavut Territory: lottery.